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Medical editing and proofreading

The standard of "Good Translation Practice" is strict adherence to the editing and proofreading phases.
The editor proceeds systematically through the text and ensures its accuracy and consistency throughout the translation. Editing allows also a deeper look at how information is organized and whether it utilizes language suitable for the target audience.

Text editing is necessary to ensure:
  • completeness and accuracy of the translation;
  • clarity of expressions;
  • consistency of terms accepted in the field;
  • conformity of the text with the glossary and the requirements of the customer;
  • stylistic correctness and unity.

The main task of editing is to improve the quality of translation.

Proofreading focuses on correcting spelling, punctuation, grammatical and typographical errors that appear within a document. It is very hard for people to locate mistakes in their own writing and it should be done by a highly skilled specialist who is able to concentrate for long periods of time. After the proofreading phase the document is submitted for the final extensive quality control process.

In addition to texts translated by our agency, we perform editing of "external" documents. These can be documents for notarization, documents requiring critical analysis, scientific articles, etc. Poor language is one of the main reasons an article is rejected for publishing by a journal, but not the only one. If you decide to translate or edit your scientific manuscript for publication in a foreign journal please consider our check list below:

  • Does my manuscript match the interests of the journal audience?
  • Is there a clear aim and a scientific message in my study/review article?
  • Is the sample size sufficient?
  • Does it provide something new on the subject?
  • Do I present the results using relevant statistical methods?
  • Can I guarantee that my article will pass a plagiarism test?

For more information about this service, please contact our managers or fill out the online order form.