The most requested interpreting service is conference interpreting. We can also help with all kinds of negotiations and meetings. Depending on the scale, purpose and complexity of the event, there are different possibilities for mediating between two partners who speak different languages: consecutive or simultaneous interpreting. The choice of an interpreter largely determines the success of the communication. When dealing with various medical and life science issues, merely knowing how to interpret between the source and target language is not good enough. For example, interpreting for a foreign surgeon in OR or a speaker presenting on cystic fibrosis or the monoclonal antibody mechanism of action for HCP would be too challenging even for an experienced linguist. A surgeon would be nervous because his team is not receiving clear instructions and a captivating original report may become tedious and complicated.

Finally, interpreting medicine in any way, means interpreting for the sake of the patient. There are a number of studies on how language barriers influence care for patients with varying conditions and diseases. Cultural competence and the use of a qualified medical interpreter is of critical importance in medicine.