We fully recognize the importance of health-related information in any sphere – medical education, marketing, journalism, epidemiology, pharmaceutical business, etc. Professional translation services allow you to communicate accurately with your customers and stakeholders around the world in their mother tongue. Healthy People 2010 defines health communication as “the art and technique of informing, influencing, and motivating individual, institutional, and public audiences about important health issues”. This becomes even more challenging when the information needs to be translated. Our translation services can be used across a range of fields within the life sciences, for commercial businesses or public organizations and can accommodate many file types. We also perform translation of personal medical documents.

Examples include:

Regulatory documents

  • Patient information leaflets
  • Common technical documents
  • Analytical procedures
  • Monographs
  • Certificates
  • Administrative letters
  • Clinical and preclinical reports
  • Periodic safety reports

Clinical trials

  • Case report forms
  • Clinical protocols
  • Clinical reports
  • Investigator brochures
  • Medical records

Medical marketing

  • Scientific articles
  • Presentations
  • Patient information
  • Sales representative kits
  • Web-site contents

Medical devices

  • Manuals
  • Instructions on use
  • Catalogues
  • Clinical reports
  • Scientific articles

Scientific and technological advances, a lot of new data and diverse ways of communication define the way information is presented. The language of life science is constantly evolving – scientists are always refining their techniques and their terminology, resulting in terms rapidly becoming obsolete. Each target market has its own language and cultural preferences. We can help you keep in step with this changing language landscape!