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These are the steps we take to ensure quality:

  1. Building a team: When setting up your project, we carefully select the most suitable translators and interpreters who have work and/or translation experience in that specific field.
  2. Understanding the product, service and overall message: We gather information on the subject in the target language in order to find conventional medical expressions used by specialists.
  3. Preparing a glossary with issue-specific terminology: We compile a special glossary for each project. Our team includes a specially trained terminologist who has university degrees in both life sciences and linguistics.
  4. Providing customer-specific project requirements to the team: We have a folder for each customer that includes all the specific requirements for their translation projects.
  5. Ensuring quality: We utilize a wide range of technical and manual methods of ensuring quality control.
  6. Managing deadlines: We track deadlines at each stage of the project and take corrective action if necessary so that there will be time left for a thoughtful review at the end of the project.